New Zealand Music Month – what a sham!

10 05 2010

Let me start this off with an apology. You know I wouldn’t say the following if I didn’t truly believe in it and hadn’t just drunk 2 large glasses of sav on an empty stomach (curses!): Is there any possible way anyone could pass on this story in general direction of everywhere? It is getting some press but not enough to force change or even make many awear of it.

SO… It is NZ Music Month. I have to say, it is a sham. Talented, hard working, brilliant musicians can’t get funding from NZMM or NZ On Air because they “don’t fit the marketing strategy.” Friends of mine formed a band called Blood Money several years ago and despite having a great sound and adoring fans, they have been turned down again & again for funding and grants. Now I’m not saying that in it’s self is a travesty, after all it is a matter of personal taste. However, did you know only 2 south island musicians got funding this year from NZMM? And one of those was Salmonella Dub who, while great, surely make enough of their own money not to need government handouts? So Blood Money have decided to “stick it” to NZMM by funding their own video, handing out “Take a shot at NZ Music Month” stickers & posters and selling t-shirts with the same logo. Lead man Rush got Vicki Anderson of Stuff to write an article on how the money pot has been distributed which is great, but it seems the same questions have been asked of NZ On Air for a few years now without any real answer. Some one with clout and public backing needs to ask them the hard questions and get real answers to why NZ OnAir insist on only supporting main stream commercial sounding artists that main stream commercial radio stations say they will play…

Flash Back
by Dub dot dash
Changing Times by Public Address
New Zealand Music Month & NZ On Air by Fraserhead on The Joint Radio Show
The worst NZ albums I have ever reviewed by Simon on Stuff

So, that’s my hobby horse for this year and more than my 5 cents worth. Sorry 🙂 xxxxx




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