The Wedding Shoes – part 1

5 07 2010

My best friend is getting married soon. In return for helping me fly to her wedding she made me promise to make her wedding present – out of macaroni!! So, after wracking my brains trying to work out how to make macaroni cool, I fell back on my old stand by – shoes!

I have customized shoes before, both for myself and friends. I have a huge shoe fetish and am always looking of ways to justify buying another pair. Here are 2 of my previous customs: (please ignore the awful carpet)

I started the wedding shoes last night with a pair of cheapish black satin heels from Number 1 Shoe Warehouse:

The plan is to paint the heels purple & black, add sparkles, varnish to make them water proof, then make a removeable macaroni toe piece for extra bling – lol. So I stripped off the fabric from the heel and platform using a scalpel – never use a craft knife or stanley knife, they are too blunt and will only make a mess.




One response

6 07 2010

Great customization! Love it!

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