Customized Snail Mail

17 08 2010

When I used to work at a certain music store, we would frequently be called upon to mail CDs to other stores in our chain. Even though the packages were never for us there was still an element of excitement to see what was inside. Since our managers were usually around the same age as us (early 20s) they would fight us for parcel opening privileges. Pretty soon a game of  “Who can decorate mail in the most interesting way” developed between the stores until a courier complained that he could no longer find the delivery addresses.

The bug has never left me though and when I have occation to post some snail mail (increasingly rarely now) I find myself decorating it with coloured paper, doodles, stickers and even multiple postage stamps. I am not sure what this says about me – that I am not working hard enough or am a compulsive embellisher…




One response

17 08 2010

compulsive embellisher. 🙂

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