How not to… Make your own Christmas decorations

27 11 2010

To make your own Christmas decorations, in a kinda anti-Xmas way, you will need:

* Clear Christmas baubles – available from Spotlight or The Warehouse

* Hot glue gun and glue sticks

* Small glass vials – available from E-bay

* Rock salt, whole peppercorns, paprika, turmeric, rosemary twigs, sage leaves etc

* Chicken bones, teeth, hair, nail clippings etc

* Red cotton or thread

* Buttons, marbles, gem stones, dice, birds eggs, feathers, sticks, pins, ribbon, lace etc

First off you need to remove the cap on your Christmas baubles so you can place things inside. Some will have little wire clips attaching the caps, others are glued on and can be pried off. There are some that come in 2 halves from craft shops but they are a little expensive. Which ever one you have, be careful, especially if the bauble is glass.

Next fill the vials with “blood” or other fake bodily fluids, depending on your colour theme and/or squeamishness. Most of these vials come with custom made caps that fit tightly and have a whole in the top for threading string through. If you want to guard against possible spillages you can add a blob of hot glue under the cap to seal it.

Next you can make charms but binding together sticks, leaves, feathers, button etc using the red cotton. Don’t worry about making them look neat and tidy, they should be a bit rustic. If you want to insure against spontaneous dismantling then glue your objects together with hot glue first before adding cotton for looks.

Now that you have all your bits you can assemble the baubles. Take a vial or charm and add a piece of string attached to the cap so that it hangs in the center of the sphere. Add one of your dry ingredients so it will sit at the bottom of the sphere along with any other items you wish. Seal up the bauble with a little hot glue and replace the cap. Allow glue to dry then hang on your black Christmas tree or ornamental twig with red ribbon or lace.

Tinsel will probably not go with the voodoo theme so add strings of beads or thread together strings of popped corn. Now invite your folks over for Christmas lunch and place bets on how long it takes them to notice your alternative decorations 🙂




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