Welcome to the IT Helpdesk, how may I help you?

29 12 2010
Let me tell you about my last customer…

Customer: I can’t connect to the wifi…
Me: What operating system are you running on your laptop?
Customer: IBM.
Me: er… It should be either Windows, Linux or OS something.
Customer: ow do i tell?
Me: Right click My Computer and select properties.
Customers: Properties is not an option.
Me: Ok, let me come downstairs and have a look for you.

I go down stairs, look at his laptop which is big, old and clunky…

Me: Um, does this have a wireless adapter?
Customer: I don’t know. doesn’t every laptop have wireless?
Me: No. Some have internal adapters, others need an external adapter that you plug into a USB slot.
Customer: Oh, ok. I think it has an internal adapter then.
Me: Riiigght. Can I offer you some advice? If you can’t tell if your laptop has wifi or what it’s operating system is then Ubuntu is probably not for you.
Customer: But i don’t want to support Bill Gates!
Me: Fair call, but you are also not a software designer or an IT geek. So go home and install Windows XP, please.



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