How not to… Recycle old bras

14 01 2011

1) Rat hammock

I have made a rat hammock out of a bra years ago but unfortunately have no photos to show you. I got a largish sized purple satin bra, removed the underwires & the back straps leaving the shoulder straps attached. Then I sewed the cups together, attached the loose ends of the shoulder straps to the edge of the cups and hung it in the rat cage by the shoulder straps using clothes pegs. My rats loved it and would curl up and rock themselves to sleep 🙂

2) Double barrel sling-shot

Tie back straps to chair legs or conveniently placed trees, load with oranges, pull back, aim and release.

3) Handbags

Get a pretty lacy bra, remove the back straps & underwires. Sew cups together adding a zip if you wish. Use the shoulder straps as a handle or make a new one with a length of ribbon. Add lace, beads, sequins etc to make it sparkle.

4) Earmuffs/hands free cellphone device

There are a few ways that are more elegant to achieve this, but this girl seems to have opted for the quickest method: take bra off, put bra back on over your head fastening it under your chin. Insert cellphone.

5) Gas mask/face mask

Find a bra large enough that one cup will cover your chin and nose. Remove back straps, second cup, underwire and shoulder straps. Reattach shoulder straps to either side to create loops that fir over your ears or around the back of your neck, depending on your preference.

6) Flower pot

Find a coat hanger which is strong enough to hold the weight of a flowerpot. Hang bra on coat hanger as if you were going to put in your wardrobe, permanently attach with a hot-glue gun. Sew across the bottom edge attaching the backstrap to the cups. You may like to add some extra material across the back so it can hold more potting mix. Fill with a good quality potting mix and add plants.

7) Gerbil parachute

8 ) Orange carrier

9) Fake clam shell for an aquarium

10) Knee pads

11) Wearable art

Take your old bra and give it a new lease on life by making it into a piece of art. The Montana World of Wearable Art has a whole section dedicated to “Bizarre Bras”.

12) Baby bonnet

13) Lavender deodorizer for wardrobes

Same process as for handbags except that after stuffing it with dried lavender, stitch across the top to seal it. Hang in the wardrobe between your clothes.

14 ) Mardi Grais headgear

Let your imagination run wild: feathers, beads, sequins – whatever you want

15) Fence decoration

As per shoe fences: Attach bra to wire fence, wait for others to add theirs.

16) Steam-punk wrist band/cuff

Using all those backstraps you have been chopping off your previous projects, attach the clasps at their smallest setting. Wrap around your wrist to figure out wear to trim it. Sew the raw ends together and decorate with extra bits and pieces like beads and an old broach.

17) Use to censor nude statues

Dress statue as if they were a person. Walk away quickly before anyone sees you.

18) Wall art/sculpture

No explanation needed, just create.

19) Water filter

20) Tea strainer

21) Cat helmet

Ok, not really modified in any way, just too cute to leave out 🙂




4 responses

14 01 2011

Hilarious! I specifically like the bra planters!

3 07 2011
Mike H.

On #4, underwire may help cell phone range.

13 04 2012

Vertical gardening saves space by getting such viny, large area covering plants as cantaloupes to grow up instead of out. But heavy fruit can be hard for vines to hold up so be sure to give such things as cantaloupes plenty of support. What better to hold your melons than bras?

26 05 2013
Mike H.

I was just sent another use:

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