Rabbit hutch follow up

24 01 2011

I thought I should do a follow up on my rabbit hutch, previously featured in the Politically Incorrect Rabbit Hutch post.

Miss Button went to visit a friends Flemish Giant, Mr Robbie. 28days later she was the proud mother of 6 little pink blobs. Now, 10 weeks on, they are ready to leave the nest and venture out to the wide world – or at least the gardens of their new owners. It’s been an interesting experience with highs & lows, like watching the first adventurer figure out how to get down the ramp from their nest (and then back up again when it all became too big & scary), through to discovering that my runner beans where shriveling up on the vine due to some ground level rabbit pruning. But overall it’s been good and I am thinking of breeding Button again – only this time I will put a smaller gauge of chicken wire on their enclosure! 🙂

2 weeks old:

8 weeks old:




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