The new chicks

17 02 2011

How not to build a polictically correct chook house…

Here are the newest members of our fur family: Book & Peep. They are Barred Rocks, the black & white striped varity of Plymoth Rock chickens, good for both meat and egg production. These 2 will be egg producers, eventually, right now they are only around 3 months old so still have a bit of growning to do.

Our builder friend built a wonderful A-frame coop of them that has now been dubbed the Hen-oi Hilton to go with Bunny Auschwitz next door. There is also a new boy bunny coming soon so I will have to get sorted and reorganize the fences – I think the rabbit run will have to get split into 2 sections or us humans will have no lawn left!




3 responses

18 02 2011

Great minds think alike. Just today I made a post about my ‘broody’ bantam hens.

Happy spring gardening

18 02 2011

Thank you 🙂 except it’s almost autumn here (southern hemisphere)

18 02 2011

Oooops –
It’s a mind over matter thing.
I don’t mind and the season really does not matter.
Hope you have a lot of fall color to keep you entrained until, your mind carries you into next springs gardening protects. Smilling

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