Local Steampunk

19 09 2011

With so many skilled crafters in NZ I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more steampunk crafters. There are a few though, and here is some of their stuff. Don’t forget to check out Dr. Gordbort’s Rayguns, League of Victorian Imagineers and the Steampunk Emporium (overseas) too.


Cleopatra Antique Earrings


Victoriana Pendant


Window Locket Pendant - Steampunk Cogs


Victoriana Pendant


Vintage watch movement in filigree Silver - Steampunk Inspired timeless relic


Different Typewriter Key in Green! Shift Lock Pendant. Great Steampunk look!


Steampunk Inspired Fantasy Cuff - Cogs and Antiqued Silver Dragonfly


Pocket Watch Pendant - Vintage Steampunk Inspired - Timeless Relic


Awesome octopus pendant in bronze


Steampunk Golden Stag Necklace


Filigree Ring with vintage watch movement, Antiqued Dragonfly and Swarovski - Steampunk Inspired


Vintage Typewriter Keys into amazing rings Steampunk *  Adjustable * Upcycling *





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