Made for pets

31 08 2011

Ok, so I have been a bit crap at writing recently. There’s been a lot going on.

But, today I bring you a collection of cool stuff made just for pets. These images have been collected over the last 3 years so most of them are from places I don’t remember. I only thought of them today because I am busy trying to draw up the plans for a Rabbit Duplex so our Flemish Giants don’t destroy our new garden. 4 big rabbits + lawn = the bog of eternal stench.

Here we have cat wall boxes, cat window boxes, suitcase beds, cat wall art, grassy cat towers, goat towers, indoor and outdor cat ladders. Enjoy


Judge a book by it’s cover?

20 05 2011

Apologies for the long break, you know, earthquakes and stuff…

Today I bring you a collection of new craft related books, most of which are currently gracing my bookshelves. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have no internet and intermittent power 🙂

* Art by Tattooists : Beyond Flash by Jo Waterhouse

* Making handmade books : 100+ Bindings by Alisa Golden

* Two from one Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott

* Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse

* Literary Tattoos : The word made flesh by Eva Talmadge & Justin Taylor – original blog

* Paper + Craft by Minhee and Truman Cho

Colour me wonderful…

4 02 2011

I not really a fan of green as a colour… but some of these little finds are starting to make me reconsider that opinion. Possibly it’s because I like green as a concept, or it’s because it makes some of my favorite colours pop.

* Swarovski couch by Squint

* Double Dip quilt by Thimble Blossoms

* Tyranid Harridan by Forge World

* Forgotten Garden quilt by Jane Sassarman

* Village Terrarium by Botany Factory

* Rainy Days Monday by Moda Fabrics @ Fat Quarter Shop

* Extra Life Sheets by Aerie

* Poang chair cover by J Caroline Creative

* Brain Freeze yarn by Needle Food

* Kitty Castle by Sari via Modern cat DIY Projects

* Zala, hand dyed wool by Anjellah

* Bloom @ Fabric Online

* Heels from Irregular Choice

* Striped quilt from somewhere I have forgotten (sorry)

* Eggloo Terrariums by Botany Factory

* Pistachio Macaroon from J’aime les Macaroons

* Cherry Drop earrings by Cheekpinchy

Colour me wonderful

31 08 2010

Teal, aqua, duck-egg blue…

Find some of the featured items here:

Teal Love Smoky Hair @ Layout Sparks

Lily Allen in brilliant teal dress

Teal Whimsy, custom My Little Pony by Pop-Girl

Teal Trends @ HipGirlie

Carved Resin Ring @ Quercus Silver

Octavia Bag @ Rebecca Ciccio

Harbor Graphic t-shirt @ Puckish

Teal Christmas Lights @ Holiday Treasures

Teal Le Creuset Cookware @ John Lewis

Mutantes by Will Murai

Salma Hayek in long teal dress

Flock of Dreams Shoes @ Irregular Choice

Baikal Teal a.k.a Squawk Duck

Dita Von Teese in teal dress & shoes

Sea Dot and Teal Dot fabric by Michael Miller @ Moda Fabrics Fat Quarter Shop

Fahrenheit Rising art quilt @ Bird Works

Graffiti Body Art @ Shriiimp

Teal snakes @ FunZag

Body Focus Firming Lotion @ The Body Shop

Aqua Lily Shower Gel @ The Body Shop

Sea Angel, custom My Little Pony by Lunaroak

Alice –  Caterpillar by Michael Kutsche

Ribbon Tag Dinosaur @ Lily-Dee Designs

Recovered chair @ Home Workshop

Cat Bookshelf Ladders on teal wall @ Cat Ladders

Dragon Tee @ Dakine

Frosty Cat Collar by Kylee @ Bella’s Collars

Bangle Cushion in teal @ Terrys Fabrics

Aloe Body Butter @ The Body Shop

Delicia Wedges @ Sam Edelman

Plume Jelly Roll by Tula Pink @ Moda Fabrics Fat Quarter Shop

Graffiti Body Art @ Shriiimp

The Wedding Shoes – part 3

9 08 2010

So here are last steps of the wedding shoe customization. I have given them to the bride now so, hopefully, I will get so photos of them being worn.

Here I have re-masked the shoes using masking tape as the sellotape was getting messy. I then painted both the heels and the sides Violet Permanent purple by Pebeo using acrylic paint. I did 2 thin coats of purple to get an even flat colour, sanded lightly with an emery board to remove any lumps and applied 1 more thin coat. You can see in this photo that I have then masked off stripes on the heel and painted over top with black – again in 2 thin coats.

Once the paint is totally dry you can remove all the masking tape and touch up any imperfections. I did big areas with paint and smaller fiddly bits with a black sharpie. This works particularly well on the satin fabric as it is flexible. Some bits of white undercoat could be trimmed off with a scalpel where they had built up underneath the tape. When working with fabric this is something that is hard to avoid due to its absorbent nature so don’t get too worried about it.

Once all the final touch ups have been done I sealed the paintwork with a clear  flexible non-yellowing varnish. There are a few on the market in matte, semi-glossy & glossy finish but I use Pebeo Acrylic Varnish in Brilliant Gloss available from Gordon Harris. Again, this was applied in 2 thin coats that I ran up onto the fabric slightly to ensure that no chipping would occur. As these are wedding shoes I also added 2 small red hearts onto the sole of each shoe and varnished over top to seal.

I then packed the shoes and flew with them in my carry on luggage to Australia since I don’t trust the baggage chuckers not to break things. The purple in these photos looks quite blue, however, it is in fact a rich “bogan” purple in the best tradition of  Fords everywhere 🙂

The Wedding Shoes – part 2

27 07 2010

Here is step 2 of the customized wedding heels.

I have masked off the satin with tape. Usually I would use low-tack painters tape, but since I didn’t have any, I used sellotape. This still works but you run the risk of leaving sticky goop behind on the fabric.  Trim off any excess tape with your scalpel making sure all the edges are covered where you don’t want paint.

Next paint a base coat. I have used white as I want the purple to be bright and vibrant. If you are wanting a more muted look, try grey or black as your base coat. Apply the paint in a thin even layer avoiding lumps and using brush strokes that all go in the same direction. You can always apply a second base coat if you need to but it is difficult to get an uneven surface to look good, so resist the tempation to slap the paint on thick. Allow to dry and buff with an emery board to smooth out any blemishes.

Colour me wonderful

26 07 2010

Orange, mandarin, tangerine, mango, satsuma…

Find some of the featured products here:

Whimsy Jelly Roll @ Fat Quarter Shop

Tangerine Orange Leather Bucket Seat @ Designer Sofas 4 U

Tequila Sunrise yarn by Sabine @

Midsummer Light in red by Tord Boontje @ Kaboodle

Mango Body Scrub @ The Body Shop

DOC Transformer Sofa @ Bonbon

My Little Pony 2007 Comic Con Exclusive @

Fanta by Cola Cola

Orange County – the movie

Log Necklace @ Ponoko

Crazy hair Google image search

Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Butter @ The Body Shop International

Custom My Little Ponies Google image search

Absolut Vodka @ Absolut Ads

Firefly yarn by Sabine @ Felt

Chilli pendant lights @ Iconic

G1 Apple Jack My Little Pony © 1983

Orange Zune @ Zune Scene

Carrot Top hat kit @ Morehouse Farm

Satsuma Body Butter @ The Body Shop