Next Christmas

6 01 2012

Have I gone mad? Yes, quite possibly…

We have only just finished one years Christmas season and I am already planning the next one, in terms of decoration anyway. I was looking at the After-Christmas sale table at the local department store and inspiration hit me – BACON!

I think I was in bacon mode after finding bacon band-aids for my partners Christmas stocking. So now I’m covering red baubles with bacon printed paper, saving and drying out chicken bones to paint white later and doodling pictures of what it will all look like (see below).


Judge a book by it’s cover?

20 05 2011

Apologies for the long break, you know, earthquakes and stuff…

Today I bring you a collection of new craft related books, most of which are currently gracing my bookshelves. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have no internet and intermittent power 🙂

* Art by Tattooists : Beyond Flash by Jo Waterhouse

* Making handmade books : 100+ Bindings by Alisa Golden

* Two from one Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott

* Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse

* Literary Tattoos : The word made flesh by Eva Talmadge & Justin Taylor – original blog

* Paper + Craft by Minhee and Truman Cho

Colourful Customs

2 02 2011

A slightly eclectic post today – the common theme seems to be bright colours…

* Absolutely fantastic macaroons from J’aime les Macaroons in Christchurch

* New Girl cushions by Jules at Click for Art

* Louis XV Upholstered  Ribbon Chair by Dransfield & Ross

* Recovered egg chair by Squint

* Paper craft, UK Johnny & Tentaclopse, by Jules

How not to… Make your own Christmas decorations

26 11 2010

Christmas decorations – Library style.

Check out these beautiful book inspired decorations being made at Christchurch Central Library. What a lot of people don’t know is that libraries are faced with having throw out books everyday. There is something about burning or otherwise disposing of books that goes against the grain for most people, especially librarians. So it’s great when you can find ways of recycling books even if it renders them unreadable.

The paperbacks and fiction were sent to the Bindery and cut into chunks on their big guillotine keeping the binding intact. These had their pages curled back to make star type arrangements. The individual pages that fell off were used to make paper chains. Old graphic novels have been cut into stars and will be laminated and arranged to create a Christmas tree for the Youth Adult area. Covers from Chinese and Japanese fiction have been cut into doves in brilliant reds and gold.

Post Surprise Ball

9 11 2010

Some time ago I made my friend a surprise ball and photographed her unwrapping it. Today she bought me photos of what happened afterward to all that pretty colourful crapé paper…

Judge a book by its cover?

5 11 2010

Now I am the first to say “Don’t just a book by it’s cover.” especially as I work in a library. But in the course of my daily work I came across some beautiful, weird, kooky and strangely interesting book covers. So, I would like to take this opportunity to present a small selection of covers that caught my eye recently for whatever reason.

Just remember, this is not a recommendation list and I take no responsibility for quality the interior of theses titles.

* Menagerie of false truths by Greg French

* Grace Williams says it loud by Emma Henderson

* The elephant’s journey by Jose Saramago

* A different sky by Meira Chand

* The memory of love by Aminatta Forna

* The shape of her by Rowan Somerville

* Pleasure seekers by Tishani Doshi

* The extinction club by Jeffrey Moore

* Saraswati park by Anjali Joseph

* Solo by Rana Dasgupta

* Stand by me by Sheila O’Flanagan

* Lights out in wonderland by DBC Pierre

Surprise Ball

23 08 2010

I first saw surprise balls (or parcel balls) on Poppy Talk and Kate Spade. They are sold by Kiosk, but are easy enough to make yourself. Just wrap layers of crape paper around small gift, securing each layer with a sticker, until you have a roughly round ball. Then decorate with strips of crape paper, wrapping paper, ribbon or yarn and more stickers. Give to a friend or loved one and watch them create a beautiful mess of colour!

I made my 1st one for my boyfriend (in black, purple and silver with a goth theme) and my 2nd for my friend’s wedding (in pink, yellow, orange and white with a princess theme). Here is the 3rd I made for a work friend (in 2 tone green, white and bright pink with a New Zealand theme). Poor Grabrielle had heard me talking about the previous parcels, so I decided to make her Monday 🙂