Book Covers

11 04 2013


Standard rules apply: I cannot guarantee a good read, only that I liked the cover artwork.

Book covers 12

* The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling

*Africa from Above by White Star

* The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues, A History of Greenwich Village by John Strausbaugh

* Snow White’s Coffin by Kate Camp

* Apocalypse for Beginners by Nicholas Dickner

* Kiwiana Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Whoopie Pies by Kirsten Day

* A 1950s Mother: Bringing up Baby in the 1950s by Sheila Hardy

* Earthflight by John Downer

* Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli


Book Covers for June

14 06 2012

Top to bottom, left to right:

* Collins Beekeeper’s Bible

* Freedom! by Frank Le Gall

* Celebrate with Party Food by Tina Bester

* Wait by Frank Partnoy

* Bad island by Doug TenNapel

* Wood-fired Oven Cookbook by Holly and David Jones

* The Quake Year by Fiona Farrell – not because I like the cover (it’s dull) but because my partner and I are in it

* Cardboard by Doug TenNapel

* The Marsh Lions by Jonathan Scott

* A Modern Dog’s Life by Paul D. McGreevy

Still more judging a book by it’s cover

17 02 2012

I would like to recommend books I have actually read but, as a librarian, I just don’t get the opportunity…

* The Department of Lost & Found – Allison Winn Scotch

* Cow – Malachy Doyle

* Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books – Leah Price

* Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone – Hunter S. Thompson

* Chamelia – Ethan Long

* House of Mystery, Vol. 8 – Matthew Sturges

* Bad Dog (A Love Story) – Martin Kihn

* This Little Cat – Petr Horáček

* Wreckers – Julie Hearn

* Shazam! – Chip Kidd

* Four Seasons with a Grumpy Goat – Carol Altmann

* Island of Bones – Imogen Robertson

* Nanberry (Black Brother White) – Jackie French

* Box 21 – Anders Roslund

* Iron Thorn – Caitlin Kittredge

* The Atlas of New Librarianship – R. David Lankes

* Survival of the Beautiful – David Rothenberg

Handmade Jewelery

9 02 2012

I just received my second parcel from Bones & Glitter and I must say, I am super happy with my purchase! So, I thought I would do a wee plug for them.

One of the best things about Bones & Glitter is the number of ways you can find products and order them. They also do custom orders at little or no extra cost. If you can imagine it, they can probably make it. My most recent purchase was 2 hairclips to help hide my silly fringe (you can see them below being modelled by 2 of my rabbots – November and Romeo). Before that I got a skull braclet and a zombie cameo ring (bottom).

* Bones & Glitter on Facebook

* Glitterskull’s Shop on Felt

* Bones and Glitter on Etsy

Tidal wave of fluffies

14 12 2011

Our big boy, Mr Possum, has apparently been doing the rounds. Currently we are up to 19 rabbits on our property – 14 of which are less than 3 months old. So it was defiantly time for new escape-proof accommodations.

Take one box pallet, 3 rolls of chicken wire, various recycled materials, a 1 litre bottle of whiskey and a builder friend, and you get the Rabbit Duplex! It has 2 levels, a small outdoor run, side doors for access and deep eaves to provide shelter from sun and rain. Possum gets one side to himself, Lily & Sparkle share the other with alternating “free-range” days. I will be painting it soon to seal the plywood but that’s a minor detail.

Thanks Dean – you’re a star!

Local Steampunk

19 09 2011

With so many skilled crafters in NZ I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more steampunk crafters. There are a few though, and here is some of their stuff. Don’t forget to check out Dr. Gordbort’s Rayguns, League of Victorian Imagineers and the Steampunk Emporium (overseas) too.


Cleopatra Antique Earrings


Victoriana Pendant


Window Locket Pendant - Steampunk Cogs


Victoriana Pendant


Vintage watch movement in filigree Silver - Steampunk Inspired timeless relic


Different Typewriter Key in Green! Shift Lock Pendant. Great Steampunk look!


Steampunk Inspired Fantasy Cuff - Cogs and Antiqued Silver Dragonfly


Pocket Watch Pendant - Vintage Steampunk Inspired - Timeless Relic


Awesome octopus pendant in bronze


Steampunk Golden Stag Necklace


Filigree Ring with vintage watch movement, Antiqued Dragonfly and Swarovski - Steampunk Inspired


Vintage Typewriter Keys into amazing rings Steampunk *  Adjustable * Upcycling *


For the dogs

13 09 2011

A collection of cute stuff for dogs – all home grown via Felt

Copper Poppy Jacket - Medium
Alpaca filled  Pet cushion
Cool buttons dog collar
AroundAHound 1.5" Wide Martingale Collar
paw print throw
Copper Poppy Jacket - Small
Pimp my Pooch© 2011 Spring Collection ~ Boutique Reversible Double Breasted Military Jacket ~ Size XS
Personalised Pet Pendant Cat or Dog Lover
Handmade dog collar
Handmade dog collar
Pimp my Pooch© 2011 Spring Collection ~ Boutique Tartan 'Shortie Coat' ~ Size XS
Copper Poppy Flouro Jacket - Small