Handmade Jewelery

9 02 2012

I just received my second parcel from Bones & Glitter and I must say, I am super happy with my purchase! So, I thought I would do a wee plug for them.

One of the best things about Bones & Glitter is the number of ways you can find products and order them. They also do custom orders at little or no extra cost. If you can imagine it, they can probably make it. My most recent purchase was 2 hairclips to help hide my silly fringe (you can see them below being modelled by 2 of my rabbots – November and Romeo). Before that I got a skull braclet and a zombie cameo ring (bottom).

* Bones & Glitter on Facebook

* Glitterskull’s Shop on Felt

* Bones and Glitter on Etsy


Books I wish my library had…

1 02 2012

I have requested my library buy them, but somehow I think I will be waiting a while.

UPDATE: My library has ordered of the titles I requested!! Juxtapoz Tattoo & Juxtapoz Tattoo No 2

(top to bottom, left to right)

* Heaven to Hell – David LaChapelle

* The Polaroid Book – Barbara Hitchcock

* Juxtapoz Erotica – Diana Weber, Tara McPherson, Gary Baseman and David Choe

* Juxtapoz Tattoo – Rodger Gastman

* Tragic Kingdom – Camille Rose Garcia

* Weirdo Noir – Matt Dukes Jordan

* Hi-Fructose – Attaboy and Annie Owens

* Visions from within the mechanism – Jeffrey Scott

* Mutter Museum Historical Medical Photographs – College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Laura Lindgren

* Dissection: Photographs of a Rite of Passage in American Medicine 1880-1930 – John Harley Warner

Blood Money (NZ)

9 05 2010

Damned good music…

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