Book Covers

18 02 2013

Time for your weekly(ish) book covers 🙂

I have followed Oscar the Bionic Cats’ journey and it is truly inspirational. I haven’t read the book but I’m sure his willingness to just get on with life will shine through like it has elsewhere.

Book covers 10

Top to bottom, left to right:

* Oscar: the Bionic Cat by Kate Allen

* A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas by Fanny Lai

* Kathleen and Frank by Christopher Isherwood

* Under the Walnut Tree by Anna Bergenström

* Blood by Tony Birch

* The Secret Museum by Molly Oldfield

* The Weekend Cook by Matthew Evans

* Love and Happiness by Galt Niederhoffer

* Idiopathy by Sam Byers


Animals judging books by their covers

5 03 2012

There seems to be an animal theme with this lot – hardly surprising really considering how many fur-babies I have 🙂

* Kate and Pippin – Martin Springett

* First Rider’s Call – Kristin Britain

* Soonchild – Russell Hoban

* Hans my Hedgehog – Kathryn Coombs

* 101 Fun Things to Do with your Dog – Alison Smith

* Here’s Harry – Susan Adams

* Woof – Elliott Erwitt

* Soul of a Lion – Barbara Bennett

* In Defence of Dogs – John Bradshaw

* Rollo and Ruff and the Little Fluffy Bird – Mick Inkpen

Handmade Jewelery

9 02 2012

I just received my second parcel from Bones & Glitter and I must say, I am super happy with my purchase! So, I thought I would do a wee plug for them.

One of the best things about Bones & Glitter is the number of ways you can find products and order them. They also do custom orders at little or no extra cost. If you can imagine it, they can probably make it. My most recent purchase was 2 hairclips to help hide my silly fringe (you can see them below being modelled by 2 of my rabbots – November and Romeo). Before that I got a skull braclet and a zombie cameo ring (bottom).

* Bones & Glitter on Facebook

* Glitterskull’s Shop on Felt

* Bones and Glitter on Etsy

Tidal wave of fluffies

14 12 2011

Our big boy, Mr Possum, has apparently been doing the rounds. Currently we are up to 19 rabbits on our property – 14 of which are less than 3 months old. So it was defiantly time for new escape-proof accommodations.

Take one box pallet, 3 rolls of chicken wire, various recycled materials, a 1 litre bottle of whiskey and a builder friend, and you get the Rabbit Duplex! It has 2 levels, a small outdoor run, side doors for access and deep eaves to provide shelter from sun and rain. Possum gets one side to himself, Lily & Sparkle share the other with alternating “free-range” days. I will be painting it soon to seal the plywood but that’s a minor detail.

Thanks Dean – you’re a star!

For the dogs

13 09 2011

A collection of cute stuff for dogs – all home grown via Felt

Copper Poppy Jacket - Medium
Alpaca filled  Pet cushion
Cool buttons dog collar
AroundAHound 1.5" Wide Martingale Collar
paw print throw
Copper Poppy Jacket - Small
Pimp my Pooch© 2011 Spring Collection ~ Boutique Reversible Double Breasted Military Jacket ~ Size XS
Personalised Pet Pendant Cat or Dog Lover
Handmade dog collar
Handmade dog collar
Pimp my Pooch© 2011 Spring Collection ~ Boutique Tartan 'Shortie Coat' ~ Size XS
Copper Poppy Flouro Jacket - Small

Made for pets

31 08 2011

Ok, so I have been a bit crap at writing recently. There’s been a lot going on.

But, today I bring you a collection of cool stuff made just for pets. These images have been collected over the last 3 years so most of them are from places I don’t remember. I only thought of them today because I am busy trying to draw up the plans for a Rabbit Duplex so our Flemish Giants don’t destroy our new garden. 4 big rabbits + lawn = the bog of eternal stench.

Here we have cat wall boxes, cat window boxes, suitcase beds, cat wall art, grassy cat towers, goat towers, indoor and outdor cat ladders. Enjoy

The new chicks

17 02 2011

How not to build a polictically correct chook house…

Here are the newest members of our fur family: Book & Peep. They are Barred Rocks, the black & white striped varity of Plymoth Rock chickens, good for both meat and egg production. These 2 will be egg producers, eventually, right now they are only around 3 months old so still have a bit of growning to do.

Our builder friend built a wonderful A-frame coop of them that has now been dubbed the Hen-oi Hilton to go with Bunny Auschwitz next door. There is also a new boy bunny coming soon so I will have to get sorted and reorganize the fences – I think the rabbit run will have to get split into 2 sections or us humans will have no lawn left!