Weekly book covers

9 08 2012

* Circus: The Australian Story by Mark St Leon

* The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book by Matthew Evans

* My Grandpa by Marta Altes

* Holy Shit: Managing Manure to save Mankind by Gene Logsdon

* Families by Alison Jay

* Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson

* ReCraft: How to Turn Second-hand Stuff into Beautiful Things for your Home, Family and Friends by Buttonbag

* Being Maori-Chinese by Manying Ip

* The DIY Bride, An Affair to Remember by Khris Cochran

* The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow

* Struggle for Freedom by Jesper Bengtsson

* The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland


Book Covers for June

14 06 2012

Top to bottom, left to right:

* Collins Beekeeper’s Bible

* Freedom! by Frank Le Gall

* Celebrate with Party Food by Tina Bester

* Wait by Frank Partnoy

* Bad island by Doug TenNapel

* Wood-fired Oven Cookbook by Holly and David Jones

* The Quake Year by Fiona Farrell – not because I like the cover (it’s dull) but because my partner and I are in it

* Cardboard by Doug TenNapel

* The Marsh Lions by Jonathan Scott

* A Modern Dog’s Life by Paul D. McGreevy

A letter to my dog

15 05 2012

This weeks covers

27 04 2012

Top to bottom, left to right:

* Scarlet by Brian Michael Bendis

* Magrite’s Marvelous Hat by D.B. Johnson

* Zona by Geoff Dyer

* Butterfly Summer by Anne-Marie Conway

* Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett

* The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

* Chloe by Peter McCarty

* Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis

* The Extraordinary Education Of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart

* The Ornamental Edible Garden by Diana Anthony

* Wulf by Hamish Clayton

* Fabricate by Susan Wasinger


Eat with your eyes first: book covers

4 04 2012

While not all of these are recipe books, they do all have a food/kitchen theme. They are also all picked because of the cover art – I claim no responsibility for any terrible reading experienced. 🙂

* Find it, Eat it: Cooking Foraged Food Gathered Around New Zealand by Michael Daly

* More Please by Valli Little

* Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky

* Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter

* Treats from Little and Friday by Kim Evans

* Sweet Paris by Michael Paul

* Cakes for Romantic Occations by May Clee-Cadman

* Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume by Silvena Rowe

* Macaroons & Biscuits by Pamela Clark

* Middle Eastern Cookery by Arto der Haroutunian

* Tea: Recipes for Health, Wellbeing and Taste by Margaret Roberts

* Preserves: A Beginner’s Guide to Making Jams & Jellies, Chutneys & Pickles, Sauces & Ketchups, Syrups & Alcoholic Sips by Jill Nice

* High Tea at the Victoria Room by Jill Jones-Evans

* The Good Life by Adrian Richardson

* Rose Petal Jam: Recipes & Stories from A Summer in Poland by Beata Zatorska

Judging tomes by their skins

26 03 2012

* Lonely Planet Madagascar

* Garden Eco-Chic by Matthew Levesque

* Fables vol.17: Inherit the Wind by Bill Willingham

* Earth Dragon, Fire Hare by Ken Catran

* Bizarre Botanicals by Larry Mellichamp

* The Dream of the Celt by Mario Vargas Llosa

* Dirt by David Vann

* The Man in the Moon by William Joyce

* Black heart by Holly Black

* More Chook Wisdom

* Handmade Living by Tania McCartney with Julie Nichols

* The Holistic Dog by Holly Mash

Craft round-up: Viking Love

23 03 2012

Apparently vikings are the new cool, well that’s great for me because it means I am spoilt for choice when buying a gift for my partner (who suffers from delusions of becoming a Viking King). So here is my Etsy Treasury of viking related stuff, there is something for everyone, even the dog!