Colour & texture

18 06 2010

I hate spiders, can’t even look at a photo of one. I even embarrassed myself at the movies once by screaming at the giant spiders on Harry Potter – the 6 year old behind me was not impressed.

Its seems a bit strange to me then, that I like snakes. I find them intriguing and oddly beautiful. So when my partner show me these photos (thinking to scare me) all I could say is “Wow! The colours, the textures…” Apologies as I don’t know where he got them from, if you know I will add the link.


Other people’s art

29 05 2010

Yes there is an orange theme going on. I am trying to get used to my new 2 tone orange lounge-room. Who thought that was a good idea?!?

Ginger Citrus by the lovely talented Loish. Find her on Deviant Art, BlogSpot, and various other places about the interwebs…

Other people’s art

26 05 2010

Yet more art by the fantabulous Daniela Uhlig aka. Lolita Art. This one is called Red Orange

Other people’s art

19 05 2010

Creature Concept by Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios

Stash Float

16 05 2010

What is a Stash Float? Well, some of you may of heard/been to the Stash Re-Hash hosted by Felt and Crafty Business. Basically anyone can have a stall there and sell all that lovely fabric they have been hanging on to and not doing anything with. The Stash Float is the same idea except there is no money changing hands and its just for Library Staff. Staff bring their un-wanted fabric along and take away someone else’s fabric that catches their eye. Anything left is donated to refugee and migrant sewing groups. So everybody wins.

I have already done an audit of my stash and it was scary.  Seriously, who needs 10 antique table clothes when they don’t even have a dinner table? I bit the bullet and sorted out the fabric I really might do something with and put the rest in a big box even though I am a pack rat who hates to part with anything. I ended up with a big shoe box of unwanted sewing patterns as well so hopefully they will find new loving homes. I will post photos of the event (hopefully) next weekend.

Other people’s art

15 05 2010

Red Ink by Daniela Uhlig aka. Lolita Art

More fabulous fabrics

14 05 2010

I have been throwing together fabrics, trying to get inspired for my next quilting project. So far I have come up with 3 colour ways, this is the green and coral collection.

All fabrics from Bolt of Cloth or Moda via The Fat Quarter Shop