Booky books

11 10 2012

Left to right, top to bottom:

* Maude: the Not-so-noticeable Shrimpton by Lauren Child

* How to be Danish by Patrick Kingsley

* The Fox’s Tale: The First Christmas by Nick Butterworth

* The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

* The Woodland House by Ben Law

If you are thinking of building your own house or pursuing a self sufficient lifestyle then Ben’s journey is an utterly inspiring one. Beautiful photographs and useful tips for all.

* One Big Rain: Poems for Rainy Days compiled by Rita Gray

* Do your ears hang low? sung by the Topp Twins

* The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross

I have recently finished reading this book and, though mind watering, it is brilliantly written. If you enjoy reading William Gibson, Neal Stephenson or Bruce Sterling then will enjoy this novel too.

* Knit your own Zombie by Fiona Goble

Cute patterns for toy zombies that snap apart and reassemble in multiple ways. A kookie Christmas present perhaps?

Yummy yarns

6 12 2011

It’s officially summer which always helps get me back into creating. But today is wet and cold(ish) so I find myself looking at yarns. Etsy has some great yarns in evey colour of the rainbow, but doesn’t have the handy built in Share-a-link feature that Felt has. So I have had to take a screenshot to post here and add a link. Pift!

Felt – Yummy yarns for winter

13 06 2011







Hand-dyed merino yarn

 Hand-dyed merino yarn

Hand-dyed merino yarn

Colour me wonderful

26 07 2010

Orange, mandarin, tangerine, mango, satsuma…

Find some of the featured products here:

Whimsy Jelly Roll @ Fat Quarter Shop

Tangerine Orange Leather Bucket Seat @ Designer Sofas 4 U

Tequila Sunrise yarn by Sabine @

Midsummer Light in red by Tord Boontje @ Kaboodle

Mango Body Scrub @ The Body Shop

DOC Transformer Sofa @ Bonbon

My Little Pony 2007 Comic Con Exclusive @

Fanta by Cola Cola

Orange County – the movie

Log Necklace @ Ponoko

Crazy hair Google image search

Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Butter @ The Body Shop International

Custom My Little Ponies Google image search

Absolut Vodka @ Absolut Ads

Firefly yarn by Sabine @ Felt

Chilli pendant lights @ Iconic

G1 Apple Jack My Little Pony © 1983

Orange Zune @ Zune Scene

Carrot Top hat kit @ Morehouse Farm

Satsuma Body Butter @ The Body Shop